Blood Pressure (Khun Sumo Sombat)
Allergy,Lung (Grandfather Puttha)
Kidney,Blood Pressure,Diabetes,Eye Problems,Thyroid,Gout,Parkinson's disease (Khun Ko)
Cancer (KhunThanakorn)
Myoma Uteri,Liver (Khun Kotchapan Dangdan)
Blood problems (Khun Nok)
Sleep (Khun Yui)
Cancer (Khun Nee)
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Elder-in-law is suffering from kidney disease. Near the hemodialysis phase No fatigue. Can not eat 1 full month! Eat anything and vomit into blood clots. Have to go to the hospital to drink Maqui Plus for only 7 days. Eating, talking, laughing and having energy like being really reborn. Thank you to Maqui Plus for truly helping to restore life.
Cr. Khun Pattita Pumpung
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