Thyroid (Khun Aom)
General Health Pains (Khun Ammaon (Pharam2))
Diabetes (Khun Tee)
Kidney (Khun Maliwan Raktanom)
Cancer (Master Sangfah)
Allergy (Khun Sa)
Diabetes (Khun Kear Thongnam)
General Health Pains,Migraine,Sleep (Khun Kam)
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Cherries are # acute hepatitis C virus !!! The drug is a bundle of drugs home as a cabinet. More than a drugstore. Doctor advised to enter the drug trial. The treatment cost is about 500,000 baht but does not guarantee any results. It's stressful, afraid of death, and worried about how good the baby is. Do not have the money but want to lose or better. The girl was introduced to take care of the liver. Which match to worry ... I decided to eat 3 months to test the blood is very good blood .... so I decided to eat immediately. Now the body is very strong. The people around me ask. I have to sleep every day because it is very busy now to do business. unilevernerwork Unilever
Cr: Khun Rattana Misari (cherry )
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