Cancer (Khun Ting )
Skin (Khun Jintana)
Allergy,Diabetes,Skin (Khun Ae)
Allergy,Respiratory,Sinus (่๋Khun Kamonlada Soratana)
Cholesterol, High Fat (Khun Somruthai Vimolluck )
Blood Pressure (Khun Joy)
Blood Pressure,Diabetes,Eye Problems,Menstruation (Khun Om Vanida)
Diabetes (Khun Parn)
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My father said "Maqui Plus" and "Omeg 3 Plus" are all done. Today, I have to take them out. For the father to continue eating From before, my father didn't believe me. But now believe Because of acid reflux And the liver value has improved a lot. Regular annual health examination results The duty of children must find good things for parents to eat. To keep parents healthy Will be able to stay with us for a long time The absence of disease is a noble fortune.
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