Blood problems (Master Hobper)
Migraine,Sleep,Excretory System/ Poo (Khun Pen)
Blood Pressure (Khun Thanawat Rungswang)
Liver (Khun Dang)
Myoma Uteri (Khun Ple)
Blood Pressure (Khun Vitoon)
General Health Pains,Sleep (Khun Oof Sirisak)
Cancer (Khun Jee)
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I always sleep late and drink heavily. I visited the doctor because of stomach pain. The doctor checked my blood. The blood test showed I am at high risk of developing liver disease. The doctor who examined me said my liver value was lower than expected. I began drinking Maqui Plus.
At the next visit, I showed my doctor Maqui Plus information and he said, "Eating this is like having an army protecting the liver. Toxic substances can still destroy the liver"" People who party often, stay up late, take this advice. My liver is better thanks to Maqui Plus.
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