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Eat yourself, see the results, your own health is much better.
From the previous annual health examination on 19/2/2015, the results of abnormal liver enzyme activity, both AST, ALT, and ALP.
AST ----------> 163
ALT ----------> 373
ALP ----------> 99
The doctor gave the drug for 3 months and made an appointment to check again. The abnormal value decreased a bit but not normal.
Decided to consult the juniors who have posted health drinks "Maqui Plus" which helps with liver maintenance. And helps keep the blood clean In the past, they didn't really believe much about these things. But decided to buy it to drink. Try to see the first 2 bottles in the morning 50 ml. In the evening, 50 ml can be drunk for 2 months. Go back to check again. The results of the examination came out.
AST ----------> 38
ALT -----------> 38
ALP -----------> 64
Which every result is normal Make me and the doctor confused as well. The doctor asked me what was going on. Because normally when our body develops hepatitis Must take medication continuously and take a long time.
Now buy regularly. Really see the results and this is the latest health examination result on 29/6/2016.
AST ----------> 37
ALT -----------> 43
ALP -----------> 72
Which is normal, good and more good than that. All blood lipid values ​​are normal as well. Including blood sugar levels The holistic health system has returned to normal. Amazing! Thank you Maqui Plus.
Cr. Khun Tuwan
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