Cancer (Khun Noi)
Jaundice,Liver,Sleep,Lung,Hepatitis (Khun Suchada)
Allergy (Mr. Seven)
Fatigue,Sleep (Khun Sasivimon Bungthong)
Diabetes (Khun Krongkarn Kanakarak)
Kidney,Gout,Rheumatoid (พี่แต๋ม)
Liver (Khun Took)
Gout (Khun A)
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Glorious for today. 1 month ago for drinking Maqui Plus. The results of the liver tests of the Royal Thai Police Department, Hat Yai, were in good shape. Having said that, the real goodness is delicious like this. Health care can be this size. How to be absent, must drink continuously.
Cr.Pol. Capt. Neep
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