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  Health Case:
 Liver cirrhosis
### heavy drinking cirrhosis ### personal experience
Name Mr. Sutthima Promkawong. Age 48 years. Sakon Nakhon Province.
Date 9/5/2018. Abnormal liver values ​​detected AST (SGOT) 74. ALT (SGPT) 46.
Date 5/5/2018. Liver values ​​increase AST (SGOT) 171. ALT (SGPT) 82.
BUN 47 eGFR stage 3.
Case of Pui. As uncle Miss Jum parcel recommends drinking Maqui Plus. As seen in the post, first drink 1 Maqui Plus. Miss Pui recommends eating 50 ml 4 times a day. Feeling refreshed. There is more strength. Memory improved, not frustrated, upset. Miss Pingpong, wife, continuously drinking. And decided to apply for the program Autoship Maqui Plus 1 case. Only 1 month passed. Kidney function BUN reduced from 47 to 12. Normal values ​​were between (6-20). And eGFR increased to 101 stage 1.
Most recently, on 5/11/2018, very good liver values. From AST (SGOT) 171 decreased. Only 22 normal values ​​(0-40).
And the ALT (SGPT) value from 82 decreased to just 14 normal values ​​(0-41). The doctor complimented that the liver values ​​improved. Currently has more strength. Can ride a car and help yourself From the doctor said that the patient will be in bed. And have to take good care with the Miss family Pingpong very much.
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