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  Health Case:
 Liver cirrhosis
#Personal experience
#Liver cirrhosis # kidney degeneration
Name Mr Thongpoon Daengkhachon (Antie Air). Age 60 years, Sakon Nakhon Province. Occupation, sublime market. Antie Air has been drinking white liquor for over 10 years. On 15/10/62 the symptoms began to turn yellow. Yellow face, swollen legs. Swollen results. Tested with Smart pulse. Found physical stress as high as 98. Recommended to see a doctor at the clinic. The doctor examined his uncle as having cirrhosis and kidney degeneration. Cannot cure because of severe symptoms. Go back to take care of symptoms at home, give medication to reduce swelling. Advise to drink Maqui Plus. And Lifesential together with doctor medication. Drink about 3 days. Swelling in the lower legs Feeling fresh. Not tired, not tired. Can work and live normally. Check the Smart pulse and reduce physical stress to 57.
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