Cancer (Khun Pan Pan)
Blood problems,Bone,Cholesterol, High Fat (Mother Boonyim )
Liver (Khun Wiroj Sakha)
Migraine (Khun Ning Boonyavee)
Diabetes,Sleep (Father Sangvorn Jaiphong)
Migraine (khun Kamplee)
General Health Pains (Pro Pan)
Diabetes,Liver,Hepatitis (Khun Ya Nang)
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  Health Case:
Each month when my menstruation comes, I suffer serious abdominal or stomach pain and this lasted 10 years. For 10 years I try to find a cure and even change my diet. My menstruation is dark chocolate in color and I had to take birth control pills to decrease the pain. But the side effects were migraine and pain. Menstruation was still very dark and I am so dismayed and don't know what to do .
During the first month I drank two shots of Maqui Plus+ 2 shots daily. My headaches lessened very much and the color of my menstruation is red as blood. I got so excited and very happy that I continue to drink into the second month. My headaches have decreased and the other thing is people tell me that my skin look more radiant. Thanks to Maqui Plus+ my health is better without medications anymore. Love Beyonde Maqui Plus+ so much.
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