Hepatitis (Khun Praiwan Wadsena)
General Health Pains (Khun Kampon)
General Health Pains (Khun Sangun)
Bone,Skin,Thyroid,Locking fingers (Khun Bee Soidao)
Bone,Fatigue,Migraine (Mrs. Mimi Rauf)
Kidney (Khun Maliwan Raktanom)
General Health Pains (Master Type)
Triglyceride (Khun Pitchayapa)
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  Health Case:
Who never has a stomach ache, fever. Over the season there is no way to understand that. Abdominal pain, sleeping, bent, crying, pain, sore, headaches, sweat, flooding but very cold. Cold hands and feet almost died. But fortunately we met Maqui Plus. The menstrual pain disappeared like a new birth. Lost back pain with taking painkillers for 30 years. This is the beginning of doing this business because of the good things.
Cr.Khun Pla
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