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  Health Case:
 Menstruation  Pregnancy
First of all, must tell first. Personally saying that High testosterone therefore does not have menstruation. When adolescents doctors give birth control pills. For the period to come. As usual, in other words, birth control pills are used to help control hormones. Therefore taking birth control pills from the age of 18 to the age of 33, counted 15 years who took birth control pills until entering the age of 34, still taking birth control pills But the period has not arrived. Therefore go back to check with the doctor again In conclusion, birth control pills were unable to help and the uterus became dry. At that time we were getting married. A friend who sold Maqui Plus came to see us. So we tried to drink. Drink 50 ml per day for 3 months. Menstruation comes back to normal without having to take birth control pills. We continue to eat. Until the 6th month, the period is gone. But this time it appears that she is already pregnant. So glad Thought that there would be no chance of having children With a photograph of the true witness to see as well Really meet Therefore would like to recommend others
Better to try to spend a hundred thousand to a million hurt and still not working again. Allowing Maqui Plus as an alternative for infertility.
Cr. Khun Tar
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