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#Migraine #Maqui Plus
Name Miss Oon Surin Province
Miss Oon is a migraine. Since secondary education 1 Currently studying in Secondary 5.
 Have a headache and suffer a lot. Especially when sleeping late Will get headaches everyday. Have been to the doctor Do treatment and take medicine To relieve symptoms. But when the drug runs out, it comes back repeatedly.
When Miss Oon got to know #Maqui Plus. According to the information on Miss Au's Facebook, read and decide to order. Drink 1 bottle of Maqui Plus before going to bed 25ml. And wake up in the morning 25ml. Still can't drink all the bottles. Felt much less pain. And when staying up late for many days next to each other. From before, there will be a lot of headaches But now it has improved a lot.
#ByeMigraine. Really thank Maqui P
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