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  Health Case:
 Migraine  Sleep
Migraine has improved by 80-90% since taking the first 2 bottles. #Maqui Plus
Nil Goodman Thang. Jeab's friend in Prachinburi Have a migraine for a long time Normally, when it is unwell, headache, dizziness, dizziness Don't want to do anything. Affecting work And live life a lot Since being the head of the family must work. Admitted to 2 hospitals. The first is not recovered Therefore changed the doctor. While trying to drink Maqui Plus, coupled with Nil and Thang shared that After drinking 1Duo. Migraine has improved by 80-90%. Can live a normal life. Usually when sleeping will wake up frequently to the bathroom. But after drinking Maqui Plus, deep sleep, wake up once in the morning. Refreshing, not dazed when driving, can not drive for long Must hire a driver But now can drive a car from 2 hours only Now can drive back. At first I thought that the symptoms improved because the doctor changed. But after Maqui Plus lasts about 1 week, the symptoms of dizziness come back. Decided to drink Maqui Plus continuous type. Nil also added that since drinking Maqui Plus is not very sick, very happy to the Thang and Nil families. Thank you to Maqui Plus. No disease is a wonderful fortune.
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