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 Migraine  Sleep
#More migraine has improved 80-90% since eating 2 bottles first.
Khun Nilom, Khun Taeng, Jae's friend, at Prachinburi Is a migraine for a long time Normal time is not comfortable, headache, dizziness, numbness Don't want to do anything Has a great impact on work and life Because being the head of the family must work Admitted to hospital 2 where the first place was not healed Along with try Maqui Plus as well Khun Nil and Khun Taeng explained that after eating 1, Doha migraine improved 80-90%, able to live normally. Usually when sleeping, I often wake up to the bathroom. But after eating Maqui Plus, then sleep well, wake up once in the morning Making it refreshing, not numb when driving normally, not driving for a long time Have to hire a driver But now can drive longer from 2 hours to only one leg Can now drive back At first I thought that the symptoms improved because I changed my doctor. # But when Maqui Plus has run out for about 1 week, he gets stupor. Therefore decided to eat Maqui Plus Continuous Khun Nil also added that since Maqui Plus Not very sick Rejoice with Khun Taeng's family and Khun Nil. # Thank you Maqui Plus The disease is a noble fortune.
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