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  Health Case:
 Brain  Myasthenia Gravis
Uncle Teiy Kongwatmai is my uncle, age 81 years old. He fainted while sitting in the morning coffee. But the children and grandchildren helped each other to deliver to the hospital in time. After that, the doctor detected the cause of the symptoms of a stroke in the brain. And treated at a hospital in Nakhon Si Thammarat city. The initial symptoms of you are Left hemispheric muscles. Can't get up and go like before. The doctor must put a tube in order to feed through the nose. Because you can't chew food yourself. After that, the doctor returned to recuperate at home. The children then decided to try one bottle of Maqui Plus in the morning, 50 ml in the evening and 50 ml in the evening for about 10 days. The bottle was out. And yesterday I went to visit Uncle and send the 2nd bottle of Maqui Plus. A lot. Able to get up and walk and can eat steamed rice by oneself I am confident in quality And the world-class safety of Maqui Plus, so dare to recommend good things to those we love. And caring about it. And I wish that Uncle get well soon. Maqui Plus recommends eating for 3 months continuously for clearer results.
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