Cancer (Khun Pojanee)
Allergy (Master Kan)
General Health Pains (Khun Siriwan Cha-lao-nok)
Gout (Khun Put)
Cancer (Khun Thanadit Yosthawon )
Blood Pressure,Fatigue,Intestine/Stomach (Khun Kanlayapat Sae-Cheng)
Allergy,Asthma (Mrs. Tangqui Orachorn)
Blood Pressure,Menstruation,Sleep,Lung (Khun Rin)
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  Health Case:
 Myasthenia Gravis
From the experience of your bird. Do business In Krabi, the husband is a bank manager, he does not work health care. # Hand was weak Remember that Have a nice day! Have recommended good health products. I try to eat a small bottle after it has improved, now you have introduced birds to relatives who are healthy to do business with 3 months to earn a hundred thousand.
Cr.Khun Nok
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