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  Health Case:
 Myasthenia Gravis
#Spinal cord #Acute muscle weakness
Nearly 2 months ago, Tew's father had to go to the hospital urgently (04 June 2017). He had acute muscle weakness suddenly cannot walk. The MRI results indicated meningitis. The doctor has punctured the spinal cord to remove fluid. And draw the blood for examination. Results showed everything is normal. The doctor concluded only briefly: "All symptoms are caused by meningitis. But can not find the cause. The treatment is to wait for the patient to recover which will take about 1 full year." Tew decided that her Father drinks Maqui Plus 200 ml daily (Morning 100 ml. Evening 100 ml.) And the miracle really happened to her Father. After drinking for 1 month, Father can stand up to talk and stand. He begin to do physical until the doctor and nurse were shocked. They asked a big question -what has happened to him? Today (29 July 2017), is the best news for our family. Father can walk normally. The recovery period from 1 year now become 2 months. He can leave the hospital. It's wonderful. Thanks to Maqui Plus for saving the lives of Tew's family. Thank you.
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