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  Health Case:
 Menstruation  Myoma Uteri
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Nong has sent good news to tell ... I'm happy most. May 2017 Nong Nong received an annual health check. The doctor diagnosed There is a lump in the back wall of the uterus. Because there are no symptoms The doctor therefore made a follow-up examination every 3-6 months, August 2018. He recommended that Nong Ngong continue to drink Maqui Plus continuously throughout the year. And there was a lot of blood clots unusually during the period when the menopause. 2019 one day while entering the bathroom Feel like having a water bag with blood. Come off when urinating
The following months are regular menstrual periods. Without any symptoms And the ultrasound was glad. The doctor said that the lump size was reduced from 6.8 cm to 5.9 cm.
Thank you, #Unilever, who produces good products for health care.
Cr: Nong
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