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  Health Case:
 Brain  Paralysis
Would like to share from Father's experience. In early July 2017. Father had a stroke, causing him to fall and a hemiplegia. Have a crooked mouth tongue. At that time, I heard the news that I was unable to act properly. But fortunately, sister Tiya Ratiya had already studied about Maqui Plus. Bangkok together with Maqui Plus for Father to drink in full .. !! At that time I was very worried about my father's condition. But I believe that what the elder brought must definitely help his father. After 5 days the father's condition improved. And on the 7th day, the doctor allowed him to come back to recover at home. And the most amazing thing is Father can leave the hospital by himself. You currently drink Maqui Plus all the time. It can be called a part of life. Because it not only helps to improve symptoms, but Maqui Plus also makes Dad look fresh And the young man up. The left picture is the first day of the hospital release. The right image is present.
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