Cancer,Intestine/Stomach (Khun Deng )
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Paralysis,Brain,Thrombosis (Khun Noy)
Fatty liver (Khun Kamphol)
Pregnancy (Khun Numnim Nantika)
Skin (Khun Kampon )
Sleep (Khun Bow )
General Health Pains (Khun Lek)
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  Health Case:
Let's share the experience From pregnancy. Previously, I had taken birth control pills for 11 years. February 2018 therefore stopped taking medicine because taking birth control pills for a long time could cause infertility. But not like that in March. Detect that you are pregnant. Before, take care of yourself By drinking Maqui Plus 50 ml per day. Of course pregnant because of Maqui Plus. And during pregnancy until birth I myself never get sick like a normal pregnant mother. There is no morning sickness on the 29th of September. With surgery The body is recovering quickly, the wound that has no surgery, swelling, redness, milk is coming very quickly. Until now, milk storage will be full Thanks to Maqui Plus for helping to have children. Let's add color to life.
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