Cholesterol, High Fat (Khun Kate)
Diabetes,General Health Pains (Aunt On)
Chocolate cysts (Khun Jub)
Bone (Khun Arwuth)
General Health Pains (Khun Saowanee)
Blood Pressure,Diabetes (khun Aor)
Cancer (Khun Ae)
Brain,Eye Problems (Khun Rian)
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  Health Case:
The last time the blood was measured, the pale was measured. This time, listening to the blood results for both mothers. The doctor smiled. The doctor said, "It is not pale. The blood is excellent." IGood grows well. Be careful this time, do not give birth before. Happy thanks to Maqui Plus. When I was not sick, I didn't know how to eat. Know that delicious, easy to eat, refreshing. But when you know Maqui Plus. Help a lot and really important. Good blood results throughout the stomach, not sluggish. Not swollen, not acid reflux. Don't get a cramp. Is really good for pregnant people 32 weeks. BabyIGood. Save the bear family. Personal experience. Pregnant can eat.
cr.Miss Yim
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