Diabetes (Khun Grace)
General Health Pains (Miss Grace & Miss Kam)
Blood Pressure,Cholesterol, High Fat (Auntie Sao)
Blood Pressure,Bone,Diabetes,Fatigue,Gout (Mother Somporn)
General Health Pains (Master Nano)
Bone,Skin,Thyroid,Locking fingers (Khun Bee Soidao)
Diabetes (Miss Bennapa )
Allergy,Asthma,Skin (Noon and Namm)
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  Health Case:
Teacher Nong, a former coma patient, almost comatose, died of a lot of medicine. Today, many drugs are reduced, especially Leflunomide, originally eaten 3 tablets per day. Today, only 1 tablet is reduced. The goal of Teacher Nong is to not take this medicine in the next 5 Next month. Teacher Nong said, "From the sick, almost died, ran 5 km. Say that because drinking Maqui Plus, eat Collagen Matrix, eat omeg. 3. Thank you to Unilever's Beyonde health supplements for both good health." Amazing.
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