General Health Pains (Khun Bank)
Cancer (Mr Bobby Brownfiel)
Cancer (Father Oui)
Fatigue,General Health Pains (Khun Mung Srisawad)
Liver,Migraine (Khun Jongrak Phuphangein)
Sleep (Khun Sukanya)
Cancer (Uncle Aung)
General Health Pains (๋Khun Gym)
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Thank you Maqui Plus. That helps to recover from sinusitis. It has been a long time and has been dissected but not cured. Due to the time the air changes, it will not breathe And have to take medicine to find a doctor. The drug is the most inflammatory. Pay 3-4 times each dose. When the pain is swollen on the side of the wing, the two nostrils suffer a lot. But when drinking Maqui Plus continuously, it's better to forget that you had been sick before. Good for your heart. Everyone likes to thank Maqui Plus.
Cr. Khun Jum Nattharom
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