Liver (Khun Panyawat (Aukrit))
Kidney (Khun Aom)
Excretory System/ Poo (Khun Bum)
Lung (Khun Sirirak Soyapa)
Heart,Cancer,General Health Pains,Liver,Liver cirrhosis (Khun Hiayee)
Hepatitis (Khun Sureerat Srisang)
Eye Problems,Fatigue,Sleep (Khun Chuchiph Siri )
Menstruation,Migraine,Sleep (Khun Annie)
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All women like to be beautiful. I am 35 years of age with chronic rash. Eating medicine did not help and doctor old me let it go away on its own, so that my own body will get better. After 4-5 months with the rash, I drank Maqui Plus for one bottle. My rash seemed a little better. After second bottle, rash is gone now. I want to share the friends who are suffering like me.
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