Fatigue,General Health Pains (Khun Jai)
Fatigue,Sleep,Acid reflux (Khun Ailada Kongkaew)
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General Health Pains ( Madame Apple)
Cancer (Khun Kong)
Cancer,Diabetes (Khun Ooh & Khun Chet)
Colon/ Intestine,Fatigue,Intestine/Stomach,Sleep,Excretory System/ Poo,Acid reflux (Mr. Thammarong Kham-in)
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My father is 83 years old. The elderly usually sleep 3 to 4 pm and usually wake up at 1 am, then sleep is not sleep. After taking Maqui Plus, he gave his father one morning breakfast, and before bed, 1 day passed. Daddy said very good sleep. I have to go to sleep at 5 am to wake up to the toilet and go to bed to sleep at night. Feeling deep sleep.
Cr. Eaktanat Rachpromma
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