Cancer (Khun Wiranpath Sathitjirathakul)
Cancer (Khun Thanadit)
Allergy,Sleep (Khun Wongdien)
Brain (Khun Jariyamm)
General Health Pains (Khun Som)
Cholesterol, High Fat,Triglyceride (Khun ThanIinphum)
Diabetes,Eye Problems,General Health Pains,Immune System (Khun Somjit )
Skin (Khun Tim)
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From insomnia people, relying on sleeping pills for years, drinking only 2 bottles of Maqui Plus. Now don't have to rely on drugs anymore. Khun Manoch Kongpriphan. 52 years old. Before coming to drink Maqui Plus, a sleepless person for years Have to take 2 sleeping pills every night. And when driving is very exhausted And also have a congenital disease. Diabetes is as high as 162, when drinking only 2 bottles of Maqui Plus. The result is Diabetes value decreases to 140. The pressure that is high is normal. When driving is not as exhausting as before. But the most impressive is now sleeping without having to rely on sleeping pills anymore. Thank you Maqui Plus.
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