Brain,Immune System (Master Pongpop Seanglaor)
Myasthenia Gravis,Blood Pressure,Brain,General Health Pains (Todsapol​ Plorat)
Liver cirrhosis (Khun Jidlada)
Cancer (Khun Tik)
Blood Pressure,Immune System (Khun M-Pochara )
General Health Pains,Sleep (Khun Kasem )
Diabetes (Khun Visa)
Cancer,Thyroid (Khun Noi)
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  Health Case:
Khun Noi Saiyud Nakhon Ratchasima. The doctor informed that the health examination result is hyperthyroidism. With hand trembling at the fingertips. Rapid pulse, tired easily, must be treated by continuous medication At least 2 years. Khun Noi started drinking Maqui Plus in the morning, 50 ml in the evening, 50 ml and LifeSential in the morning, 1 pack in the evening. Continued with the treatment of the doctor's medication. After 6 months, the doctor said that the test results improved, reduce the drug to only 1 tablet. Later, the results of the 8th month did not find the thyroid value already. Finally, the 9th month, the doctor informed me that no medication is needed. But still have to come to check every 3 months, the doctor is surprised. Because normal cases, however, have to take medication for at least 2 years. Khun Noi doesn't have to take thyroid medication anymore. Every normal test result To date Khun Noi believes and appreciates good products. That helps to not have to eat drugs to hurt the liver itself in the long run. Nowadays, still eat products from the Unilever Network. Never lack. To take care of your overall health safely without chemicals. No drugs. Don't worry about residues or side effects.
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