Cancer (Khun Toi)
Blood problems,Heart,Lung (Khun Panitta Phongtanathon)
Migraine (Khun Tim)
Cancer (Khun Grace)
Blood Pressure,Brain (Mother Anong)
Thyroid (Khun Rodjanee​ Leungcharoen)
Allergy (Mother Boonmee Prachumchit)
Cancer (Khun Wilaiporn Pherasuean)
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  Health Case:
Because I am hypothyroidism. Which results in Irregular menstruation 5-6 months. To come once Come just one drop, always have to take hormonal medication. When someone recommends taking supplements Which is fruit juice Extracted from the berry concentrated fruit family. At first I admit that I refused to accept Because it must be bad every time to eat extra food. But when seeing many people with congenital diseases Already drinking this person almost all who are better. Everyone shared their own experiences, making this Maqui Plus so many orders that it is in short supply. A close friend who told me to buy Willing to invest to help buy and drink To want to see us better And do not have to suffer about that He said that believe him one time. It's really good. Alright, so do not discourage Try to see a bottle, it's okay .. Oh my gosh !!! Drink only 50 ml. Morning - evening, see results. Go ahead. Period. As usual Not a stomach ache as well. Happiness began. Just 1 case, feel very thankful to this close friend. Bow and the person who introduced us to Maqui Plus, an antioxidant drink. Make the blood clean, healthy liver, anti-cancer, balance the body.
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