Kidney (Khun Peter)
Blood Pressure,Diabetes,General Health Pains,Migraine (Khun Aew)
General Health Pains (Khun Namkiew)
Fatigue,Sleep,Cholesterol, High Fat (Khun Kirana Thamasuk)
Heart (Miss Bell)
Allergy (Master Thanawee Jindawan (Vious))
Kidney (Auntie Thong)
Kidney (Khun Nuna)
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  Health Case:
Nok's father's blood test is 71 years old. After drinking Maqui Plus in the morning 50 ml. In the evening 50 ml. About 3 bottles and come to check the health today. Cholesterol and triglycerides are reduced a lot. Bright skin, good sleep. Father said our Maqui Plus is great. Thank you Unilever. For good products like this.
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