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  Health Case:
 Menstruation  Migraine
Khun New has a lot of health problems. At the beginning of last year, back pain was so poor that he couldn't walk or sit. Enter the hospital for 4 days. First day, do not go down from bed. The doctor told me that the back muscles were severe and the pillow was over the line. Must do physical therapy 2 times a day next to each other. 3 days to go home, must put support at the back throughout + sleep on the electric heating pad to reduce pain.
Pain so much that he couldn't sleep, crying almost every night. Can sleep almost in the morning. Can complete the activity for no more than 1-2 hours. It is the most painful 2 months of life. The doctor gave a rest until the end of June. But after drinking 1 shot of Maqui Plus, it is easy to fall asleep.
Morning drink 50 ml 1 evening 50 ml.
After 3 days, drive to swim, eat dinner at the restaurant and watch the movie until 2am. Without back pain at all. Drinking for 2 weeks, wearing high heels. Now can live normally without back pain.
Importantly, endometrial dysplasia is the need to take birth control pills to reduce menstrual pain.
So much pain cannot move Went to the bathroom and couldn't ache after normal drinking after drinking Maqui Plus and stopped taking birth control pills. It appears that there is no menstrual pain. Plus migraine headaches or swirling houses are no longer available
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