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 Weight control
Name Phuttachad Sawasdiwong
I would like to share my impression of IG berry (Indian gooseberry) is the best helper.
♥️ Usually someone who likes to eat sweets, such as eating noodles, still add more sugar. It doesn't end there, followed by another cup of favorite iced coffee. Just thinking about losing weight, the path becomes dark. because he does not like to exercise as well as like to eat sweet
➡️ Since the launch of IG Berry immediately started eating After breakfast-dinner, 1 sachet at a time, total 2 sachets/day, make hot drink, easy to eat, like the aroma of honey mixed with lemon, refreshing, not sleepy, not hungry during the day and control food by doing IF 16/8 as well

Wow, just 4 months. I lost 5 kg. Very happy.
56 kg.>>> 51 kg left. Belly is flat and not bloated.

♥️ Thank you for good products, IG Berry, love. who help answer the question exactly as needed Especially WFH. This is very suitable. It helps a lot. Thank you.

**Dietary supplements have no effect in preventing and treating disease. Every consumer gets different results.

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#Cut sweet, cut it for life
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