General Health Pains,Intestine/Stomach (Khun Amporn)
Vertigo (Khun Joy Jongkol)
Cancer (Khun Oof)
Blood Pressure,Triglyceride (Khun Maesrifah)
Heart,Cancer,General Health Pains,Liver,Liver cirrhosis (Khun Hiayee)
Blood Pressure (Khun Thanawat Rungswang)
General Health Pains (Master Type)
Myasthenia Gravis (Khun Nok)
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  Health Case:
 Excretory System/ Poo  Eye Problems
 General Health Pains  Sleep
Khun Yok enough to sleep. Headache, irritability, 10 sleeping pills. Hepatitis B virus, constipation Better, the stomach is not tight and sluggish as before. No need to use sleeping pills at all. Better subsystem The mood does not swing. Better mental health. Blurred vision improves the brain lighter. Thank you Maqui Plus and thank you. Khun Toy is very good for the quality of life.
Cr. Khun Yok and Khun Toi
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