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General Health Pains,Sleep (Khun Sudarat Lakasamarn)
Pregnancy (Khun Thitiphan)
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  Health Case:
 Eye Problems
I am a Chief Engineer at Vogue Condo Sukhumvit 16. My eyes are closed since birth. I underwent surgery on two occasions at the age of two years to open up my lids and expand the retina to see clearly. However, it is still difficult to see.
I drank Maqui Plus+ since September 2015 because of exhaustion, fatigue, and I was not healthy. What was gratifying and impressive happened in October 2015 when I went for my driver's license test. I could see clearly from the distance,; I answered the questions correctly without hesitation or guessing like I did in the past. The test on color vision can not have 5 mistakes and I passed) Thank you Maqui Plus+ for my new eyes and vision.
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