Allergy,Immune System,Skin (Khun Pannavit Rohitad)
General Health Pains (Khun Tongphan Netsuwan)
Intestine/Stomach (Khun Athiwat Waisong)
Sleep (Khun Pichyapa Khanbandit (Hong))
Liver (Khun Kae)
Kidney (Khun Pattita Pumpung)
Blood problems,Vertigo,Fatigue,Sleep (Nina)
Cancer (Khun Kate)
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The earlier the liver itself really very little sleep, stress, inadequate rest, the liver and the doctor said the risk is as high as 160 # hepatitis ate Maqui coming. The results of a physical examination last month, the liver is reduced to 88 better. Never sick, despite the hard work, sleep, eat regularly Maqui to any other agency.
Cr. Paea additional design engineers car.
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