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#Personal experience
# Bedridden, bleeding, brain
# Full recovery

On April 10, 2020, this time before Songkran. I got news from home in Surin province. Orn told Father that he was ill and refused to go to the hospital for many days until his father could not get up. Mother therefore begged to see a doctor. It turns out that when going to the hospital Why did the doctor say so late? Because the mouth began to slightly crooked And found bleeding in the brain. Father is over 70 years old. So the doctor is lying to the hospital to heal. But I used to drink supplements Maqui Plus. 12 kinds of cold pressed fruit juice concentrate. This bottle of antioxidants. Both myself and the family at the drinking house in Pattani province And saw very good results From the case of sick patients With various symptoms, therefore confident and hurriedly ordered the sister to arrange to send to Father to drink at the hospital urgently. The response was very good, as the father couldn't sleep on the bed. Got up and ate Doing routine care and helping yourself can be normal. After only 2-3 days of drinking Maqui Plus, 25 ml each time after meals for 4 meals a day in the morning, late in the afternoon, in the evening as I ordered. Give sister to father to drink He sat up and ate. Looks fresh and strong, can help themselves normally. Now leaving the hospital, just drink Maqui Plus for a few days. The doctor was surprised and complained that the condition had improved a lot, so quit the hospital. Continue to take care at home
# Thank you to Maqui Plus for helping me take care of my father during the outbreak of Covid 19. Because we are far from different provinces outside the area, not during the Emergency Decree. Fuse
Maqui Plus is very good. Amazing and wonderful fruit juice.
Cr. Tossapon Pholrat
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