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 Weight control
personal experience
Nitcha Thananantaporn, 49 years old

Review from my own experience
Even though I'm small, I have a big belly. My metabolism starts to be bad. I eat a little, my belly comes out, and I rarely exercise.
Aerobics can only be done once a month, twice a month ????
Trying to reduce dinner, can reduce some, not some. The conclusion is that the mouth is always delicious, eat a lot. Not tasty, eat less.

From 53-54 kg weight over the years
From the lock down covid-19 period, many people complain that they have gained weight. But myself, when I eat and sleep every day, my belly starts to collapse, my pants fit. Put it back in the same way My friends say that I'm thin. What have you done?
Today I weighed to 41 kg. I lost 10 kg. Very amazing!!! wow very much!!!
- waist reduction 1-2 months
- Weight loss 10 kg 4-5 months

My secret is IGberry, Indian gooseberry extract, brewed with hot water or Ovaltine, coffee, consumed daily after meals. Easy, just one sachet a day.
✔️ from wanting to control sugar and fat, but
The result is very good ????????

**Dietary supplements have no effect in preventing and treating disease. Every consumer gets different results.
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