Rheumatoid (Khun Nong)
Allergy (Khun Pan&Khun Amm)
Diabetes (Khun Yadrung)
Cancer (Miss Alis)
Blood problems (Mother Add)
Diabetes (Police Lieutenant Colonel Chayapong)
Sleep (Khun Sukanya)
Cancer (Khun Lili Wong)
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  Health Case:
Personal experience #Diabetes # Pressure # Renal degeneration
Name Mr. Liang Yaipangkaew Age 67 years old, Sakon Nakhon Province, former civil servant Patients with diabetes, kidney pressure, dementia and skin rashes Foot inflammation and swelling. After drinking Maqui Plus 50 ml. Evening 50 ml .. In combination with LifeSential 2 packets a day, morning and evening for 15 days. Inflammation and swelling in the feet improve. Receive continuous eating products.
Cr.Miss Jonjai
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