Vertigo,General Health Pains (nattpat sungpong)
Allergy,Skin (Master Jayjay)
Allergy,Asthma (Mrs. Tangqui Orachorn)
General Health Pains (Sister Ann / Mother Kwan)
Diabetes (Khun Pairoht)
Cardiovascular,Liver (Khun Prasobsuk Tadsamrid)
Kidney,Blood Pressure,Diabetes (Mother Poom)
Liver (Khun Pom)
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  Health Case:
 General Health Pains  Vertigo
Aunt Neng, 62 years old. Scapula pain after drinking Maqui Plus. Morning 50 ml, Evening 50 ml. Drink continuously for less than 6 months. Scapula pain disappear by itself. You don't have to take medication to relax the muscles anymore. With entering the elderly, wake up at 05.30 hrs. Get up immediately when you hear the alarm clock. The body did not adjust to the point of causing headache until the house turned. I drank Maqui Plus 50 ml in the morning - lunch - evening for 2 days and the symptoms improved.
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