Brain,Liver cirrhosis (Khun Ter)
Myoma Uteri (Khun Pla)
Allergy (Miss Asia)
Paralysis,Brain (Khun Tik)
Heart,Blood Pressure,Diabetes (Khun khongking)
Heart,Fatigue,Menstruation,Migraine,Sleep (Khun Suphat)
Immune System (Khun Sunny)
Pregnancy (Khun Nataphat Srimueang)
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  Health Case:
 Eye Problems
I work on design, writing, estimating, controlling construction. Type of building in the agency Many years ago found that Myself began to have eye problems Because when writing books Sign the documents in front of Then look far Must stop to adjust eyesight Because of the symptoms Until the focus can be adjusted Until I tried to drink Maqui Plus products, impressed by the first bottle, I found that the eyes began to improve, drank 2 bottles. It appears that the eyes that had been blurred better now, do not have to wear glasses. Life is much better. Thank you Beyond Maqui Plus.
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