Acid reflux (Khun Boonchu)
Chocolate cysts,Migraine (Khun Tu)
Jaundice,Liver,Sleep,Lung,Hepatitis (Khun Suchada)
Allergy (Khun Raem)
Allergy (Miss Pancake & Miss Ploy)
Bone (Khun Tuk)
Allergy (Master New)
Allergy (Khun Fah)
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Chemotherapy patient, Miss Mehta: After one week of drinking Maqui Plus, she looks more healthy and radiant. She ordered an additional bottle of Maqui Plus. "I give credit to Maqui Plus and for me sharing is caring because I show love by sharing. I care I share. Beyonde Maqui Plus cleans toxins in your blood. It is 100% safe for cancer patients because it is a SuperFruit with the highest value of antioxidant in the world (the ORAC score 249,225 / bottle)."
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