Blood problems,Sleep (Khun Tan)
Blood problems,Menstruation,Migraine,Cholesterol, High Fat (Khun Lee)
Cholesterol, High Fat,Triglyceride (Khun Chayin Sridaeng)
Chocolate cysts (Khun Surintip Nailada)
Allergy,Skin (Khun Lek Thananrat)
Pregnancy (Khun Thitiphan)
Allergy,Colon/ Intestine,Sleep,Excretory System/ Poo (Khun Prangthip Suwanapong)
Liver (Khun Tee)
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  Health Case:
The child is the heart of the parents. 2 children are allergic to asthma, the rainy weather, these two rain. The symptoms go out immediately, must take medicine before going to bed every day throughout. At night, sitting, sleeping, breathing inconvenient. Drinking Maqui Plus helps to clear the accumulated toxins in the children's body as well. I sleep well and wake up very early. If able to get sick instead of children All parents can agree. Children with allergies easily notice, dark eyes, colds, stuffy nose, sneezing often in the morning Snoring at night. The body is not strong Causing growth to not be fully possible. Low weight, having to take antihistamines or frequent nasal sprays Not good for health Of children for sure. Recommend to strengthen the immunity for the baby with Maqui Plus, selected the perfect combination With the best berries And superfruit with the highest antioxidants. Orac measured 249,225 per bottle (750ml.) Take care of a baby 25 ml per day, not more than 50 baht. Like buying health insurance for a strong, bright brain, enhancing development. Start taking care from today, clean blood ... healthy liver
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