Migraine (Khun Ploy)
Blood problems,Paralysis,Brain,Thrombosis (Khun Por)
Fatigue,Sleep (Khun Meaw)
Heart (Uncle Sa-nong)
Cancer (Khun Kanya)
Acid reflux (Khun Lerd )
Brain,Fatigue (Khun Kung)
Allergy,Brain,Skin,Sleep (Khun Siriya Janthasit)
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Friends, be happy for me and my sister! Nantana Nakorn, is my real sister. In 2013 she has cervical cancer. It was a great shock to our family. She went through chemotherapy. She must do a blood test before entering chemotherapy. Sometimes she pass, sometimes she fail. If she fail the test, she goes home with medicine. Doctor told me she has to eat well and nourish the blood. On and off she has to see the doctor. In January 2016 the cancer spread to her lymph nodes, abdomenand lungs. It's the worst news for our family . But she is a strong woman with a very strong mind. She has Maqui Plus 50 ml morning, 50 ml evenings to prepare herself for chemotherapy. She pass the blood tests and did 6 chemotherapy sessions. After each session she eats Lifesential to prevent any inflammation. She is strong, eat and sleeps well unlike other cancer patients. In June 2016, everything is normal. There is no infection. It is the best news of our family.
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