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  Health Case:
 Cholesterol, High Fat  Diabetes
(Mrs. Kalyanee) Kai
Have health problems related to diabetes, high cholesterol, high cholesterol. For more than 10 years. The doctor gave me medication all along. Until a friend introduced me a berry product to eat. I have eaten for about 2 months. The result of the health check came out: Diabetes values ​​have decreased from the normal value of more than 130 for a long time. The result is reduced to only 100 and the good fat value. Much better No bad fat Everything came out, everything improved. The doctor reduced the prescription to the smaller amounts. Now the complexion is dull. And the body weight has decreased The lower abdomen is noticeable, with friends who have known that Much better in shape The skin of the face is very clear.

Thank you very much for the product IG Berry for improving your health. Along with making your appearance look much better.

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