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July 15, '18 Go to Bhumirajanagarindra Kidney Institute Hospital, around Phaya Thai
The doctor examined the results that
My father had stage 5 kidney disease. Dialysis is recommended. The father refused dialysis.
The doctor therefore asked Admit Because the father is very pale, sleeps at the hospital for 1 night and gives 3 bags of blood
And give medicine to eat Waiting for a follow-up check for 1 month
(At first, Dad walked in to see the doctor. The doctor asked for a patient Because the patient did not think that the patient would be healthy to walk by himself)
13 Aug '18 The doctor made an appointment to follow up, blood value and kidney function improved, but the doctor recommended dialysis for treatment. Father's answer is no.
14 Oct. '18 The doctor reported a better kidney value. Better blood value Everything is better
But still have to take medicine And make an appointment to check the results continuously
Last December 2, 2018, the doctor informed me that everything was much better.
Both the kidneys and the blood, the doctor had many questions to ask Dad.

Is your belly swollen? Are feet swollen? Can you eat rice? Sleep well, right? Pee is convenient, is it painful? Are you tired easily? And many more questions that patients with kidney disease should have. But father's answer Is nothing at all There are no symptoms at all. As the doctor asked.
Dad came out of the doctor room with a smile and chuckled and said,
Dad is nothing at all. Because I drink Maqui Plus. But I won't tell the doctor. Mom will stop it. Because the doctor did not know the properties of Maqui Plus.

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