Sexual function,Sleep (Khun Sensatarat Yodkaew)
Menstruation,Pregnancy (Khun Tom)
General Health Pains (Khun Chanida Thongswai)
Blood Pressure (Khun Cherry)
Sleep (Khun Bow )
Rheumatoid (Teacher Nong)
Arthritis (Khun Tew)
Blood Pressure,General Health Pains (๋Khun Yuean Kaewlamhad)
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Maqui Plus: Drink and sleep well, IQ And Nong, Idea 2, twin girls Almost 2 years old. Very fascinated by the taste of Maqui Plus after drinking Maqui. Plus only 25 ml each. On the first day it turns out that Long asleep and sleep well at eight o'clock. Mother sleeps with children This age has been fully rested.
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